Message from the President

Hello fellow solar owners and supporters,

I am proud to finally introduce our non-profit organization: Idaho Solar Owners Network, or ISON for short. To summarize our mission, you might say that when it comes to protecting your ability to go solar, and receive a fair rate for the power you produce used by the grid, the battle “IS-ON”. We have already attended multiple meetings and submitted our comments in the ongoing Idaho Public Utility Commission case IPC-E-21-21: “IDAHO POWER–APPLICATION TO INITIATE A MULTI-PHASE PROCESS FOR THE STUDY OF COSTS BENEFITS AND COMPENSATION OF NET EXCESS ENERGY ASSOCIATED WITH CUSTOMER ON-SITE GENERATION” Please see more below.

The study is coming and we want to be sure to organize all of the proud owners of solar to become involved and let the commissioners know what they think. We will be creating monthly newsletters and sending out alerts as things progress, but it is crucial that we have your support – and that you help us spread the word!

Idaho needs an organization dedicated to organizing its citizens to ensure those writing the policies and rates of your public utility receive your input. That’s our goal, and we are happy to serve you. I hope to answer any questions and concerns you might have, and to help ensure the continued growth of solar in our amazing state.

All the best,
Joshua S. Hill

Current Cases

Idaho Power Case IPC-E-21-21


If interested, as a public member, you can join the proceeding on the following dates and manners:

October 20, 6 pm – Virtual workshop by Idaho Power Staff
October 26, 6 pm – Virtual workshop by IPUC staff
October 28, 6 pm – Telephonic Hearing by IPUC
November 16 – Public comments due
November 20 – All parities final comments

We Are Here! A quick history and plan for ISON

We Are Here! A quick history and plan for ISON

In 2018, over 400 people stood in a public hearing room in front of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) protesting a filing by Idaho Power that was attempting to charge residential solar system users differently from other residential customers, among other issues. This proposal was deemed by many to “price out” the residential use of solar in the Idaho Power territory. Until 3 a.m. in the morning, solar user after solar user testified about the importance of renewable energy for the...

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Idaho Power case before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Idaho Power case before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission

At the end of the 2018 case the IPUC agreed with many of the intervenors (organizations who file for special consideration to be involved in the case from the beginning) and individual testifiers that there was basic information missing from Idaho Power to justify their proposal to recoup what they termed as extra costs to serve solar owners. As part of their final order, among other directives, they ordered: “the opening of an Idaho Power specific docket to comprehensively study on-site...

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