In 2018, over 400 people stood in a public hearing room in front of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) protesting a filing by Idaho Power that was attempting to charge residential solar system users differently from other residential customers, among other issues. This proposal was deemed by many to “price out” the residential use of solar in the Idaho Power territory.

Until 3 a.m. in the morning, solar user after solar user testified about the importance of renewable energy for the future of Idaho and the world, not to mention the technical concerns over the proposal. Including written and phone testimony, over 1,000 people told the commissioners they supported solar.

It was at that meeting that several solar owners got together and decided that we need to be more organized in order to protect our individual interests and promote solar energy in Idaho. Temporarily delayed by the pandemic, we have finally organized into a non-profit association and urge those who own solar systems or generally support solar as an alternate energy source to join us.

And just in time! Idaho Power has a case before the IPUC right now (IPUC-E-21-21) laying out how they will study the costs of serving solar users, and once again residential users need to speak up to protect their interests (see PUC section below for more detailed information). ISON has filed as an intervenor and is participating on behalf of residential and small commercial solar owners.

As ISON grows we will offer the following benefits to members:

  • Representation and coordination for members in relevant IPUC cases
  • Monitoring and involvement with any legislation affecting solar usage in Idaho
  • Access to educational resources and staff to answer your solar related questions
  • Assistance for members when they have concerns or operational issues with their solar systems
  • References and evaluations of solar providers for installation or repairs
  • Seminars and training with industry organizations and specialists
  • Opportunities to network with other solar owners and providers